09 March

SIPS Level 4 – Astral Layer

With Instructor Alexis Costello COURSE DESCRIPTION SIPS Level 4 (3 Day Course ) Prerequisites: SIPS 3 SIPS 4 is associated with the forth level of the Human Body Energy Model; The Astral Body on the Astral Plane. The Astral Plane …

08 March

SIPS 0 – Physical Connection

With Instructor Alexis Costello Prerequisites: SIPS 3 COURSE DESCRIPTION SIPS Physical Connection as the title suggests focuses our attention on  the level of the physical body and in effect is SIPS ZERO (0) in the Human Body Energy Model. In …

08 March

SIPS BAP – Body Alignment Proprioception

With Instructor Alexis Costello Prerequisites SIPS 1 & 2 Course Description Balancing the primary Integration Centre for Primary Body Alignment. All reflex systems, e.g. Gait Reflexes, Cloacal Reflexes other Righting Reflexes must be integrated at a higher level – the …

12 December

SIPS Open House / Cup of Coffee

Part of the philosophy behind this College is to provide ongoing support to students, practitioners and instructors. Events like this one are part of that. This will be an informal zoom meeting where we can gather and ask questions, share …

23 November

SIPS Level One – Etheric Body

Instructor Alexis Costello COURSE DESCRIPTION SIPS Level 1 (3 Day Course) Learn a revolutionary way of how to work with overfacilitated and underfacilitated muscles, tendons, and ligaments, including retinaculi and tendon sheath. Balancing primal emotions of the limbic system. How …

15 October

SIPS VIP – Virus Immune Program

VIP – Virus Immune Program Instructor: Alexis Costello SIPS VIP is a quick one-day workshop designed to help practitioners deal with recent threats to the immune system. Rather than presenting pages of new points, it is mostly drawing on points …

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