Code of Ethics

The GEMS College of Energy Medicine expects all Members (such as students, instructors, content creators, mentors, conclave representatives, etc.) to read and respect the following Code of Ethics:

  1.     Any student, regardless of where they come from or who they studied with previously, is welcome in our courses. An international school with international students. We understand that students have the right to study with whomever they like and do not try to limit or restrain their movement and progression.
  2.     We are committed to promoting diversity within the specialized kinesiology industry. It is our goal to create an environment that feels safe, supportive, and fun for people of all races, genders, ages, abilities and orientations.
  3.     We feel that collaboration is the best way to move our entire industry forward and promote it. Our network of instructors, practitioners, and mentors is here to support each other and create the best possible learning environments – both in person and online. Instructors do not compete for students, but understand that we attract those that we can help.
  4.     Slanderous or bullying behaviour is not tolerated in any way.
  5.     Full transparency, authenticity, and accountability. We understand that we are doing things differently than they have been done in the past. We know we might make mistakes as we shake things up, but it is all on the table and we are doing our best to move forward with highest integrity.
  6.     Certain personal information may be required for your enrollment in a course, which we will use to ensure you receive all materials and resources associated with the event. We do not advise you share your personal information in forums or other public spaces associated with the College, though this is up to your own discretion and the College is not responsible for this.
  7.     Do not share the personal information of any individual you are not legally responsible for on any forum or public space associated with the College without explicit consent from the individual. If you are asking for feedback or resources on a specific situation, please remove or alter any identifying details.
  8.     Please credit owners of resources posted/used/referenced in College related spaces, and use content warnings on sensitive material.
  9.     As a community we uphold values of respect, kindness, equality, cooperation, and integrity. Keeping these things in mind should avoid most conflicts. That being said, breaches of the Code of Ethics or other issues that require attention from the Conclave can be reported through this form (link form).
  10.     This is meant to be joyful and fun! This is the best career in the world and we are happy to have you here! Our number one priority is the wellbeing of College Members as a community.


Apart from the College’s individual Code of Ethics, there are some additional notes on how we as a community represent our field of work and study. This page does not constitute legal advice; it does outline some expectations that we may have of each other as Members of this College and community. 

At the GEMS College of Energy Medicine we practice and encourage ethical use of alternative healing modalities.

As energy medicine practitioners/students/instructors we…

  • Use the term ‘energy medicine’ to describe our work, but know that this does not give us a license to practice medicine. 
  • Are not doctors and we cannot diagnose, prescribe, “treat” or “cure” anything. 
  • Do not suggest a client stop/start anything that contradicts or contraindicates with something a doctor has told them to do.
  • Respect the privacy of clients/students/others who share personal information in the context of our work. We do not share or sell this information, nor do we use it in any way other than to better understand the person’s individual healing process. 
  • Are expected to conduct ourselves in a professional, honest, and ethical manner in all work-related contexts (i.e. classes/workshops, personal practice, online groups, speaking of or to other professionals in the health field, etc.). 
  • Do not discriminate against anyone on the basis of age/race/gender/orientation/religion/disability etc. All people should feel like they are heard and treated fairly in our spaces.
  • Are using the term “college” to define a collection of courses and instructors in the field of energy medicine and holistic health. We do not claim to be an accredited institution. Muscle testing and Kinesiology trainings are recognized differently in different countries and students are expected to learn the rules and classifications for their country. 

Additionally, as the College is an international community, we expect Members to be aware of and follow the laws in their geographical location for behaving ethically and lawfully in this field of work.

We understand that some of the above may be subject to legal exceptions. Such exceptions are not for the College to determine or keep track of as these situations are subject to the individual’s credentials and the laws in their location.

The College is not responsible for any breaches in conduct by any College Member of any level, sponsored instructor or speaker, or other individual working in association with the College. In the unlikely event that such an individual ignores the above and behaves in a harmful or unethical manner, they do so under their own volition and as an individual. 

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