The Water Element is personified as the Philosopher and this Path is for people who have a deep love of uncovering the truth; wanting to understand the science and reasons behind things and dive into knowledge. This Path might be for you if you have a desire to work with energy in a philosophical and esoteric way, helping people to evolve into their best selves.

While many who are attracted to this path have probably already taken some courses and read a lot of books about energywork and intention, you might feel that you are missing a strong scientific, practical foundation, or the structure that would allow you to work effectively with clients. This is what you will gain from the Water Path!


Phase Two:

Phase Three:

  • SIPS 4-8
  • SIPS Bio and H20 when available
  • GEMS Dimensions


Movement classes, fluid things like yoga and dance.


  • Masaru Emoto water crystal photos
  • Books: Energetic Kinesiology – Practices and Principles
  • William Tiller’s books
Head of Water House: Alexis Costello Members have access to Office Hours every week – the ability to access Mentors, ask questions, plan curriculum, vent your frustrations, etc.

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