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Collaboration over competition. Part of the vision is to form a network of instructors of various 
modalities, weaving them together to create the best possible experience for kinesiology students.

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If you are interested in joining our educational team, please get in touch! We want to know what modalities you teach and your experience!

Many new instructors find it difficult to connect with students and find their niche. As we extend our network it becomes easier for you as an instructor to find the students you can truly connect with, peers that you can share experience with, and mentors to help you level up.

Intrigued? Please review the Rules and fill out the application form and then someone will be in touch to arrange an interview if it seems like a good fit.
1) Instructors must be properly certified by any regulating bodies for their modalities and comply with the rules already in place for teaching that modality including copyright and trademark laws.

2) Instructors must show impeccable ethics.

3) We are committed to creating an environment that supports diversity. We celebrate people's differences and encourage their personal expression.
Successful applicants will be sent the Instructor Agreement with information on expenses and profit sharing.
You will be expected to send a complete description of the class, a bio and a headshot for the website.