Why GEMS College of Energy Medicine?

A new model of cooperation between instructors and modalities to bring the best possible instruction and materials to a variety of students.
We are offering an integrated approach to holistic health learning - one that moves beyond simply following a specific instructor or modality in order to best serve the student. The goal is to help people become the best possible practitioners, spreading a vision for health and wellness throughout the world.
We aim to make learning available to all.

Mission & Vision

Banding together to bring information about muscle response testing, energy medicine and holistic health to as many people as possible; to offer hope and solutions in a difficult time.
To empower instructors and practitioners and create a community of wellness and success.

“Muscle testing is the tool that allows us to balance ourselves and the world around us. Knowledge that makes the world a better place.”

Alexis Costello, KinesioGeek

Who We Are

As a family, we have been involved with the kinesiology world and teaching muscle testing for over 20 years. In that time, the needs of the holistic health world have changed. We are offering a new kind of program for people interested in this amazing field or looking to level up their session work. A solid foundation, revolutionary new workshops and support in business development and marketing.

Our Story

Family and friends coming together to promote the advance of muscle testing. We have seen what knowledge of muscle testing and holistic health can do for people. Now we are banding together to bring this information and lifestyle to as many people as possible; to offer hope and solutions in a difficult time. Learn more about Our Team below.

Meet Our Team

The world's best Muscle Response Testing instructors and mentors

Alexis costello

Alexis Costello (she/her)

Head of Water House
IMG_20220524_142240_410 3

Hannah Costello (she/her)

Learning Facilitator & Youth Mentor
Liz Elia

Liz Elia (she/they)

Head of Fire House

Nancy Loedy (she/her)

Head of Metal House

Ezra Costello (he/him)

Head of Air House

Farah Asghar (she/her)

Head of Earth House