As KinesioGeeks and practitioners of this brilliant work, most of us are always reading and researching something to enhance our knowledge. We are proposing a new Book Club for College members!

The formula for most book clubs: assign a specific novel to be read by a specific deadline – then discuss and drink wine. We want to do things a little differently.

We will meet once a month with whatever energy medicine related material we are currently reading. Everyone takes a moment to share what they are reading right now with the group and answer a couple basic questions about how this material is contributing to your work and what your favourite takeaway or quote is right now. If you’ve ever needed someone to rant to about how cool water in the human body is, or hormone cycles, or personality as seen in the aura… this is for you. These are your people. Bring a snack and a beverage and your book of choice. Come in your jammies and ready to laugh with friends!

We will add books to a common list as members read and review them, building a directory of resource material that benefits all of us.

Want to join us?

First Monday of each month at 8pm Costa Rica time, right after Study Hall.

The first couple Book Club meetings are available to non-Members so please pop in!
18:00PST, 20:00CST, 21:00EST, use this time converter to see what that is in your area

Join the Zoom room using this link, or message us at

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