12 November

GEMS Archetypes, Elements and Energy (New Class!)

With Instructor Alexis Costello CLASS DESCRIPTION Archetype | noun ar·che·type: A symbol, theme, setting, or character type that recurs in different times and places in myth, literature, and rituals so frequently as to suggest that it embodies essential elements of …

06 October

Crossinology BIT 1 and 2

Description: BIT 1 teaches the theory and application of Crossinology’s protocol for Specific Learning Difficulties including ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia, and a host of other learning difficulties. Students learn the prevailing theories of brain function for academics and how to improve function …

30 September


SIPS H2O Instructor: Stubbings Prerequisites: SIPS Bio and either SIPS Level 7 or LEAP 1 SIPS H2O explores the mystery of water. Recent breakthrough research and revolutionary discoveries demonstrate fascinating new properties of water that play essential roles in fundamental …

30 September

SIPS Bio – Orthobiology

SIPS BIO – Orthobiology Instructor: Ian Stubbings Prerequisites: SIPS 1, 2 & 0 Explore a fascinating New World of Biology. Dark Field Microscopic research reveals Scintillating Pleomorphic Crystalline Corpuscles in the blood & body fluids. Observable Life Cycle Changes of …

27 September

SIPS Open House / Cup of Coffee

Part of the philosophy behind this College is to provide ongoing support to students, practitioners and instructors. Events like this one are part of that. This will be an informal zoom meeting where we can gather and ask questions, share …

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