Farah Asghar (she/her)

Head of Earth House

Farah has been practicing energy kinesiology under the banner of Energy Healing and Natural Therapies for over 6 years. She incorporates learnings from the LEAP, Agape Quest, GEMS, KABS, SIPS, NK Institute Australia, and Touch for Health. Her practice is guided by protocols from classic and nerve reflexology, Marma therapy, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Reiki, and Herbology. She has studied under the guidance of Marco Rado, Alexis Costello, Steve Hansen, Hugo Tobar, Vasant Lad, Jacque Mooney, Chris Astill Smith, and many others. A lifelong student, she continues to learn every day from her mentors, colleagues, and clients. She believes that new protocols and lessons emerge as our frequencies shift, and she aims to help people navigate this evolving web of holistic healing for themselves and others.

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