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SIPS was created by Ian Stubbings. Using the acupressure system, SIPS allows you to work in a deep way with stress in the body in all of its forms, and to understand the body’s electrical power and the energetic laws that govern us. SIPS works beautifully with other systems, making them even more effective.

With SIPS, Ian answers the question; what is the ‘energy’ that specialized kinesiologists are working with? Stressed cells draw on the meridian system to help maintain homeostasis in the body but over time health will suffer. SIPS allows the energy pathways to reset, removing resistance to healing.

Resistance to healing energy limits the effectiveness of any treatment method. SIPS identifies the types of stress involved that creates this blockage and disperses the resistance so that the healing treatment can be directed at a profound and core level.

Ian Stubbings created the first SIPS workshop in association with Dr. Charles Krebs as a way of simplifying the ‘Powers of Stress’ procedure in Applied Physiology (developed by Richard Utt). These protocols were effective for dealing with ‘stuck’ muscles, but time-consuming. SIPS allows for deep balances that bring all the stressors ‘online’ at once in a quick and effective way.

Every level of SIPS works with a chakra and the corresponding layer of the auric field. The physics of this are explained in detail in Level One, so you understand thoroughly how these energy systems work and how the auric field is created.

SIPS Courses offered here:

  • Levels 1-8, BAP (Body Alignment Proprioception), VIP (Virus Immune Program)
  • Proficiency assessments for levels 1 & 2
  • Instructor Training for levels 1 & 2

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