Crossinology’s PreBIT is a 4 days class that covers muscle testing and corrections, allowing you to address allergies, candida, cravings, chakras, meridians, emotional problems and physical ailments. Students can stay with this focus or go on to BIT 1, or can go straight to Muscle ReActivation


Required reading:  

Breaking the Learning Barrier, Susan McCrossin. 

Vibrational Medicine, Dr. Richard Gerber, ch. 1-7,9,10

BIT 1 is a 10 day class which teaches the theory and application of Crossinology’s protocol for Specific Learning Difficulties including ADD/ADHD, Dyslexia, and a host of other learning difficulties. Students learn the prevailing theories of brain function for academics and how to improve function of the brain for major results.  BIT also includes an assessment using factors from the Wechsler Intelligence Scale (WISC) to show improvement for students of all ages. Students go on to be Crossinology Brain Integration Practitioners, or use the technique to help their friends and families. 


BIT 2 is a 10 day class which reviews and expands upon the data in BIT 1.  Students are tested on the technique, demonstrate their abilities, and review many specific cases.  After completion of BIT 2, and submitting 10 completed protocol case studies (roughly 120 hours), students may be certified by Susan McCrossin and may practice Crossinology Brain Integration in good faith. 

Advanced BIT

Advanced BIT is a 2 day class that explores the brain stem, cerebellar areas and working memory.  Students practice and demonstrate formatting for all deep brain areas and learn how to cross-reference them for maximum efficacy. 

Brain Physiology

Brain Physiology is a 3 day class which explores the limbic system in deep detail.  Students learn to use these formats to expand upon and enhance the Crossinology protocol for even better results.  The instructor covers common limbic system diagnoses and symptoms like PTSD, POTS, anxiety, depression, OCD, sensory processing issues and more. 

Muscle ReActivation

Muscle ReActivation is a stand alone class with only PreBIT as a prerequisite.  In this class, students learn the Applied Kinesiological muscle positions and how to rewire each muscle to rehabilitate or prevent injury.  Muscle ReActivation does not require learning the Crossinology protocol (BIT 1 and BIT 2).


Extended techniques for BIT

This two-day workshop explores extended techniques based on BIT formatting. The instructor will cover many ways to modify and enhance regular formatting, and how to cross-reference components of your choice for a truly personalized client experience. 

Self balancing for practitioners

This one day workshop is designed to fill the cup for those helping others.  Journaling, visualization and meditation will play a role in this eye-opening journey within.  Students will learn how to cut through layers of mental chatter to access rich areas of wisdom inside. Recommended for those practitioners who are ready to take their practice to a new level, and for those seeking to combine their current practice with passion from within. 

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